• Control Room (380 sq ft)
  • Main Recordin​g Room with variable acoustics (580 sq ft.)
  • Separate Drum Room
  • Isolation Booth
  • Studio 2 is designed for both audio and video use

Mixing Console

  • SSL 900+SE analogue mixing desk with total recall and automation.


  • All parameters can be fully automated for total recall of mixes.

Recording Equipment

  • Pro Tools HD 3 Multitrack system. With Prism ADA-8 Converters
  • Otari Mx5050 quarter inch 2 track (analogue)
  • Tascam DA30 DAT recorder
  • Tascam 122 mk3 and 112B cassette recorders
  • HHB CDR recorder


  • Genelec 1039A main monitors
  • Genelec 1032A mid field monitors
  • Yamaha NS10 nearfield monitorswith Quad Amp
  • Aurotone cube reference speakers


  • Apple Mac Pro (Intel) for Pro Tools
  • Apple Powerbook G4 for Studio 2
  • HP Z400 Computer For Video Editing


  • Structure software sample



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