Video Studio

Video Studio

  • This Studio specialises in Music Video but can cater for all types of Video Projects
  • All filming is carried out in High Definition (HD) video to ensure the highest quality.
  • All Our cameras (which are BBC approved standard) are matched to ensure consistent quality.
  • Our Multicamera system is designed to run up to 16 cameras.
  • A varied selection of lighting equipment to create different moods and effects.
  • Libec swift 50 Jib with remo 30 motorised head
  • Full Greenscreen facilities
  • Projects vary in size from a single camera YouTube video to a full multicamera live show for release on DVD/ Blue Ray Disc.
  • Audio for live recordings is handled by our state-of-the-art audio recording studio.

Putting Picture to your music is the best way to promote your talent.

The use of YouTube gives access to a worldwide audience.

“Putting Picture to your music need not be expensive”


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